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Audio, Loudness & Logging System

• Top Notch display w/ ultra wide viewing angle
• Bargraphs or Moving Coil – Your choice of metering tool
• JellyFish™ & StarFish™ – Channel Interrelation View
• Loudness and True Peak Logging – Document & Report  
• Clear Loudness metering & readout – Loudness conformity
• Real time True Peak PPM – No hidden ‘overs’
• Compliant with major loudness standards – Hit your target
• FFT Analysis – See and secure your audio from any angle
• Loudness Automation – Instant Loudness results

• 7.1 Surround Viewing – StarFish 7.1
• SDI 3G I/O, AES3 8ch. I/O, Analogue 2ch. In – Covered!
• Flexible and User definable setup – Personalize to your wish 
• SMPTE Reader – Readout and Log against Time code
• HDMI screen and Audio output – Monitor your Meter
• Headphone Output – Listen in
• USB and Ethernet Control – Log and Report
• Ultra fast response Multi Touch screen User interface 
• Mouse & Keyboard operation – Access from a distance 

Hit your Audio and Loudness sweet-spot with outstanding precision, instant overview and detailed reporting . We are proud to present our feature packed and high precision 7″ Multi touch Audio, Loudness & Logging Metering system. The DK T7++ marks another high point in Audio & Loudness Metering. Complete with all our well-known high precision metering tools as well as 3G SDI, 8 ch. AES I/O, Headphone out and more – all included from the get-go – the DK T7++ has you covered for any possible application.