The GLC-9000, leakage current tester, is used to perform leakage current (or called touch current) tests on medical electrical (IEC 60601-1) and general purpose electric & electronic (IEC 60990) equipment. This tester engages with nine measurement networks (or called Measuring Device) to provide the simulation of human body while the EUT (equipment under test) is taking a leakage current testing in compliance with the specific standards or regulations such as IEC, UL, JIS...etc..

In order to provide a simple operation environment, the GLC-9000 equips with large TFT LCD touch panel to configure system as well as to present the measurement settings information and result simultaneously. Besides, there are 50 preset testing conditions, which conform to IEC60990 and other standards, for general electric equipment can be recalled to reduce the setting time. In addition, 30 sets empty memory are available for user defined setting.

A Meter mode is also available for the GLC-9000, it uses the measurement terminal (T1/T2) to measure voltage as the same way of ordinary voltmeter. During the voltage measurement, the SELV function (safety extra low voltage) is applicable to detect whether the voltage value between measuring points exceed the SELV setting.


Brand                             Instek

Model                             GLC-9000                       

General                          Display: 320 x 240 Color TFT LCD
                                       Operation: Touch panel
                                       Measurement Device:9 kinds
DC                                  Ranges: 50uA/500uA/5mA/25mA
                                       Resolution: 0.01uA/0.1uA/1uA/10uA
                                       Accuracy: ±1.0% fs/±(0.2% rdg+3dgt)
AC/AC+DC                     Ranges: 50uA/500uA/5mA/25mA
                                       Resolution: 0.01uA/0.1uA/1uA/10uA
                                       Accuracy: ±2.0% fs/±(2.0% rdg+6dgt) --

                                                        ±2.0% fs/±(2.0% rdg+10dgt) --                                                                                           100kHz<f≦1MHz
AC peak                          Ranges: 500uA/1mA/10mA/75mA
                                        Resolution: 0.1uA/1uA/10uA/100uA
                                        Accuracy: ±4.0%fs/±2.5%fs/±(2.0% rdg+6dgt)
                                                         -- 20Hz<f≦1kHz
                                                         ±5.0%fs/±5.0%fs/±(5.0% rdg+10dgt)
                                                         -- 1kHz<f≦10kHz
Meter Mode                     AC/DC/AC+DC : 10.0~300.0V
                                        AC peak : 15.0~430.0V
                                        SELV function:   Available
EUT (V/I Check)              Voltage range:  85V ~ 300V
                                        Current range:  0.5A ~ 10A
Memory                           Empty sets: 30 sets
                                        Preset sets: 50 sets (conform to IEC 60990)
Interfaces                        Front panel: USB host
                                        Rear panel: RS-232C/GPIB/EXT I/O/USB device
Power Source                 For GLC-9000    AC 100V/120V/220V/230V±10%,50/60Hz
                                        For EUT    AC 85V~250V,50/60Hz
Dimensions                     330 (W) x 150 (H) x 350 (D) mm
Weight                             Approx. 5kg



product list

Touch Panel with Color LCD Display
9 Different Measurement Network to Simulate the Resistance of Human Body
8 Different Types of Leakage current for Medical & General Electrical Equipment
Various Leakage Current Measuring Mode:DC/AC/AC+DC/AC Peak
Upper & Lower Limitation for PASS/FAIL Judgment
Meter Mode with SELV/CONV Function
50 Preset Test Conditions Conform to IEC 60990; 30 Sets Memories for Customer Defined
Various Standard Interfaces:RS232/GPIB/USB Host & Device/EXT I/O