(1) Test Power 100~250V AC 50/60 Hz 15A.
(2) Test Distance : 150mm
(3) Test Speed:140mm/Sec.~160mm/Sec (ADJ.)
(4) Test Group : Three Working Group
(5) Plug & Socket test current time:
1.00~999.0 Sec.(ADJ.)
(6) Counter:0~999999 (ADJ.)
(7) Test Current:16A Max. 250V
(8) Automatic stop function.
(9) Dimension:1050mm(L) X 670mm(W) X 435mm(H)
(10) Weight:150 KGS


Brand: BEL
Model: PIL-3000D
Control Power: 120V or 220V AC 50/60Hz
Test Group: Total Three Test Working Groups
Test Distance: 150 mm
Test Speed: 140 mm / sec ~ 160 mm / sec (Adjustable)
Plug & Socket Test Current Time: 1.00 ~ 999.0 sec (Adjustable)
Counter Auto. Stop: 0 ~ 999999 (Adjustable)
Test Current: 16A Max. 250V
Function: Automatic Machine Stop Function
Dimension: 1050mm(L) x 670mm(W) x 435mm(H)
Weight: 150 KG

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In order to ensure that the quality of plug and socket is in accordance to meet the EN60335 standard, we provides several inspection test machine to help client to minimize the risk of getting defective and control the quality of production. Plug Socket Insertion Endurance Machine was designed for determine the life test of plug and socket by moving backwards and forwards as simulate actual use. There are total three independent working groups to increase test efficiency. The information resulting from this quality test can be used to determine the exact source of imperfection. This model has been use by several famous laboratories around the world.



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