Brand: BEL
Model: SW-800D
Control Power: 120V or 220V AC 50Hz/60Hz 5A
Test Distance: 50mm Max.
Test Speed: 25mm/sec. Max.
Push-pull strength: 20N
Switch Pole Quantity Preset: 1-99(P)
Switch Pole Distance Preset: 0.1~50.0mm
Test stay time preset: 0~999.9 sec
Test speed preset: 1~25mm/sec
Test cycle preset: 999999 (6 digits)
Test result preset: 999999 (6 digits)
Socket: RS-232
Standard fixture 1PC
Dimension: 400mm(W) x 400mm(L) x 410mm(H)
Weight: 25KG 
PC Windows Test Result Display 
Software Included​



data logger


product list

Switch tester model SW-800D is equipment for switch testing in durability of a switch under a simulation. Providing various test equipment for reducing the product operation failure and maintaining the quality are our main objectives. Switch Tester is suitable for test Rocker Switch, Wall Switch, Push Button Switch, Slide Switch, Micro Switch, Limit Switch, Vibration Switch...etc. It is also useful when testing the mobile on-off slide endurance test and keyboard friction test. Multi-functions of the Switch Endurance Tester are absolutely value added and able to connect with personal computer for viewing the test reports and data.  The software is included when you order the product. Use this software to setup your test, acquire and archive measurement data, and perform real-time display and analysis of your incoming measurements. Those valuable reports and data will absolutely benefit for quality control and product enhancement. Switch Endurance Tester has been widely adopted by many international well know test laboratories and enterprises around the world.

Suitable for test the following switch in one machine
- Rocker Switch
- Wall Switch
- Push Button Switch
- Slide Switch
- Micro Switch
- Limit Switch
- Vibration Switch

Test switch distance adjustable
Switch pole distance adjustable 
Test cycle preset
Test result preset