The Test Corner is used for the measurement of the temperature radiated by different equipment during the tests from heating and abnormal operation. Thermocouple of measurement is mounted on a copper disc of 15 mm of diameter and 1 mm of thickness.  The dimensions of the device are: base 600 x 600 mm and with a height of 800 mm. The amount of thermocouple is according to the necessity of the client. It is connect with temperature data logger in max. 60 channels temperature measurement. The operator can install the software to your computer and connect with RS-232/USB socket to measuring the data through the intuitive use interface panel. It is a Windows-based application designed to make easy to use the Temperature Data Logger with your PC for gathering and analyzing measurements. It can 24 hours in auto test until you want to finish the test. It has been use in many famous laboratory in USA, Italy, Holland, Germany, Singapore, England, China, etc. 
* PC not included.


Brand: BEL
Model: TC-43PC
Test Corner:  Dimension 600(W) x 600(L) x 800(H) mm
Copper Disks : Diameter 15 x 1 mm 
Material: Black Painted Plywood 20 mm
Thermocouple: Type J. / K. AWG 30 (USA). 
Data Logger:  
(1)  60 Channels
(2)  Thermocouple : J (0-1200°C) or K (0-1372°C)
(3)  Test Cycle:   TR-60CH : 5.0 Sec. 
(4)  Accuracy :  0.1% +/-0.5  °C / °F
(5)  Data Resolution: 0.1 °C /  °F   
(6)  PC. Connector:  RS-232 / USB (1.1 version)
(7)  Power :  AC 120V / 220V 50/60Hz 
(8)  Test Time:  Unlimit
(9)  PC System: Window 98, 2000, XP, Win7, Win8, Win10.
(10) PC. Display Print Out: Temperature Graphic,Chart,Test Result Data Figure
(11) Dimension: 250x175x68 mm​


product list

Temperature test from 0~1372 ºC
Unlimited test time
Real time temperature sensor
RS-232/USB socket 
Test data display in personal computer
Top 5 higher temperature display
PC window display
Software included.

data logger