1. Brand : BEL
2. Model : RL-5000/UL
3. Power Input : 120V 0.1~42A 5000W
                           240V 0.05~21A 5000W
4. Current adjust switches including the follow sections:
      - 120V Section: Connected by 2 groups parallel resistance (Total 42A)

      (1) 10A x 2               (2) 5A x 2                (3) 3A x 2
      (4) 1A x 2                 (5) 1A x 2                (6) 0.5A x 2
      (7) 0.3A x 2              (8) 0.2A x 2             (9) 0.1A x 2

     - 240V Section: Connected by 2 groups series resistor (Total 21A)

       (1) 10A                     (2) 5A                      (3) 3A
       (4) 1A                       (5) 1A                      (6) 0.5A
       (7) 0.3A                    (8) 0.2A                   (9) 0.1A

5.  Dimension: 410mm(L) x 610mm(W) x 915mm(H)
6.  Weight: 70KGS

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UL Exactitude Resistance Loader

UL Exactitude Resistance Loader is the best partner of the professional test laboratory. It was international voltage design can be used in any country. The loader can micro adjusts the current in small parameter to meet the engineer’s need in the testing operation. It was very high accurate and convenient to adjustable. The loader was suitable for home appliance test, switch test, automation test,science research, data analysis of university. Exactitude resistance let the testing result more accurate and all the test result can locate the imperfection and facilitating the product improvement. UL Exactitude Resistance Loader has been used by many famous testing laboratories and over hundred manufacturer enterprises in global.